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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Webquests can be used as effective tools for many purposes in the classroom. Because Webquests are inquiry-based and student oriented, they foster learning in many different and innovative ways. Using Webquests, students can take ownership over what they are learning and there is a certain flexibility when using this tool. Student motivation is therefore increased and students become more productive and excited about learning.
Webquests can be used in a variety of subjects and at a variety of grade levels in classrooms today. Students may work independently or in groups to research a particular topic in their Language Arts, Social Studies or Science classes (for example: in Social Studies, students may research a particular geographical area). Another use for Webquests is having students come up with strategies that can be used in different areas to better understand questions or topics (for example: problem-solving strategies in Mathematics). Webquests can be used to review concepts and confirm prior knowledge or to introduce a brand new idea. They can also be used over long or short periods of time. In general, Webquests are easily adapted to fit the needs of many students in many classrooms.


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