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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Title: Addition and Subtraction Board Game

Reference Section:
Pearson Education Inc. (2000-2004). Math Brain. Retrieved Sept 30, 2005, from

Grade Level: Grade 2

Subject: Mathematics

Brief Description of Activity:
This activity is set up as an online board game. There are various math activities (for addition and subtraction) that the students must complete in order to advance to the next square on the game board. The students will go to this website and enter as a new player. At each level, the student is given a password so that next time they go to this site, they can begin where they left off last time. The games become increasingly difficult as they move towards the finish.

General Learner Outcome:
Apply a variety of addition and subtraction strategies on whole numbers to 100, and use these operations in solving problems.

Specific Learner Outcomes:
13. Use manipulatives, diagrams and symbols to demonstrate and describe the processes of addition and subtraction of numbers to 100.

ICT Outcomes:
C.6.1.3 use technology to support and present conclusions

P.5.1.1 navigate within a document, compact disc or other software program that contains links

P.5.1.2 access hyperlinked sites on an intranet or the Internet

Rationale for Computer Integration:
This activity allows students to work through material at their own pace, thus accommodating different learning speeds. Because, this activity is focused around a board game, students are more likely to actively participate in this learning because it is “fun”. Also, it allows those students who are usually intimidated by mathematics to be more comfortable by practicing their skills in a game-type setting where there is less pressure to perform.


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