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Friday, September 23, 2005

Technology is an important tool for the classroom, providing that it is integrated in an effective and positive way. There are many good ways in which technology can be integrated into a classroom successfully. Technoloy can be used to build on skills that a student has already or to teach brand new skills to students. For example, technology can be integrated and used by students who are excelling in a certain area, by allowing them to take online courses and further their knowledge in that area without inconvieniencing the rest of the class. In addition, those students who are physically or learning disabled can use technology to become more independant and more productive. It is important to keep in mind that a student's interests drive the learning process and they will work longer and harder at something they are interested in. Therefore, technology may be integrated in a way that gets students interested in learning.
On the other hand, using technology for the sake of using it and with no other intended prupose is not a good way of integrated technology into the classroom. For example, having students do what is intended to be a short, brief and small presentation using Power Point and giving them 10 minutes to prepare this presentation is not going to teach students how to use technology effectively. Furthermore, using the wrong equipment or type of technology is also inappropriate. For example, using the wrong equipment for those who are sensory impaired or physically/ learning disabled becomes a burden on those students and on the teacher.
In order to use technology effectively in schools, teachers must become comfortable with it. It is also important for teachers to use technology to meet all students' needs (for example it must be free of gender bias). Finally, teachers must be aware of the technologies that exist to help them run there classrooms in a smooth and positive manner.


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