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Saturday, September 24, 2005

ICT Outcomes Post
Related Outcome Technology being integrated: C.1.4.1 Plan and perform complex searches, using more than one electronic source.
Subject: Science
Description: During Unit D (in the new Science 10 curriculum) students will be asked to do research regarding global warming and its effects on current weather/ weather events. Students will be required to choose a certain current aspect of weather (for example an increase in precipitation) or a current weather event (for example Hurricane Katrina). Using the internet, students will research how this idea is related to, or impacted by global warming and climate change. Students will be required to search for at least 2 online newspaper or journal articles and at least 3 websites and use them in their research. From this research, students will compile their information using Power Point and give a presentation to the class on what they have found. The Power Point presentation must be at least 5 slides long and must contain 2 of the following: picture, video clip, graph, table, diagram. Students will also be encouraged to use the internet to search for tips on creating an effective Power Point presentation.


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