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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Blogging can be used in many different ways as a teaching tool in the classroom. Students of varying ages and abilities may be able to create their own blogs or view others blogs in order to learn. These learning opportunities include practicing reading and writing skills as well as skills in using technology. They also provide opportunities for cooperative learning such as group and partner work. Students can be given the chance to read and, if done in a positive way, comment on their fellow classmates' work. Because each post can be viewed from most to least recent, blogs can be used as tools to help track student progress and chart a student's improvements throughout the year. Blogs can also provide an outlet to students where they can share their feelings about certain class issues and have their teacher read and possibly respond to or comment on any number of these issues. Blogs can also teach students about publishing their work and what is appropriate or inappropriate to post. Finally, blogs can provide parents with an important link to their child by allowing parents to read their child's work online. If done correctly, blogging can have some extremely positive and very important results in learning for students, teachers and parents alike.


  • Hi Janelle:
    One additional advantage is that I can view your blog and comment on it from a coffee shop in Edmonton.

    By Blogger Dale, at 10:50 AM  

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